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About EkMick.com!

Obviously, Ek Mick are two words used in the Punjabi language. Ek means one. Mick is not a real/official word in the Punjabi language. If the word is used by itself, then, it does not mean anything. However, when the word Mick is often added to the word Ek (one), then it conveys more than one.

In the Punjabi language, as you may know, words are often added to a real word for rhyming, fun, or emphasis reasons. Think of Cha-Chu (Tea-Tea) as an example. Chu is meaningless by itself but when added to the word Cha, it makes it very clear what someone is conveying. Like Chu is added to Cha, Mick is added to Ek.

Now you know Mick is an empty word, but what does it mean when added to the word Ek? EkMick (or Ek Mick) means to join/add, or make it whole/complete. To expand on the concept, think there are two separate parts or pieces of something. The act/process of joining them into one represents ekmick.

The concept behind this EkMick project is to compile high-quality, unique, and one-stop resource primarily for Punjabi speakers. The founder, Raj Singh, of the project originally wanted to launch this in early 2000s but because Punjabi speakers were not primarily using internet and the project was scrapped. The project was recently re-discovered as internet access has been far-reaching every year including to Punjabi speakers.